Quality management system

Morhena’s Quality Management System

Morhena’s Quality Management System is part of the company’s strategic planning and was developed in order to organize and implement all the activities regarding the continuous improvement of the company, assuring its clients’ satisfaction.

A Organização Morena e Parceria e Serviços H Ltda, possui seu Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade certificado conforme norma ABNT NBR ISO 9001 pela BRTÜV Avaliações da Qualidade S.A. no seguinte escopo:

Morhena’s and Parceria and Serviços H Ltda Quality Management System is certified according to the ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2015 technical standard by the BRTÜV Avaliações de Qualidade S.A consultancy firm. The scope of the certification is:

  • Client contract management in outsourcing services provided to companies and municipalities for green areas maintenance;
  • Access control;
  • Administrative services;
  • Pest control;
  • Cleaning and disinfection for hospitals and health care facilities.

Quality Policy

  • Develop sustainable business growth.
  • Pursue excellence while rendering services and in the relationship with our different stakeholders assuring our clients’ satisfaction through agile and innovative solutions.
  • Follow the best corporate practices, keeping our quality management system in continuous improvement.
  • Focus on training and the development of our employees.


Provide services that contribute to the environment, following quality, ethics and transparency standards in our relationship with all our stakeholders generating wealth sustainably.


Be the leading provider and the best option for clients, employees, suppliers, and communities. Be recognized for our social and environmental responsibility.


  • All people are equal and important regarding their differences, they deserve our respect and appreciation;
  • Honesty, morality, and integrity;
  • Innovate the relationship between people and the environment;
  • Continuous improvement