Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

A new relationship between people and the environment.

Our philosophy consists of taking good care of nature. We offer environmentally friendly services and teach our employees about sustainability, conscious consumption of water and energy and recycling.

Sustainable Development

Morhena is sensitive to sustainable development. The company’s business planning takes into account long-term multiple factors, encompassing and assuring civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, as everyone is part of a solidarity economic system.


Our employees are trained in conscious consumption of water and energy and recycling. Our vehicles fleet is partially renewed and replaced by less polluting biodiesel fulled vehicles.

Financial, Fiscal and Tributary good standing

Morhena follows transparent and ethical standards in its relationship with all stakeholders. The company’s corporate responsibility is assured by complying to all legislation, technical standards and taxes payment aligned to Morhena’s values of honesty, morality and integrity.

Social Responsibility

People management

Morhena appreciates each employee and values diversity. The company is sensitive to the importance of including people with disabilities or special needs in the labour market. There is a permanent concern to enlighten and advise about a continuous integration. The company takes part in “Projeto Menor Aprendiz”, a federal government initiative that encourages companies to hire underaged young adults for their first job experience. The young adults who participate in the program improve their families’ quality of life. Morhena’s policy speaks to a significant need of social integration and equal rights.

Social programs

Morhena supports the Children’s Cancer Association of Mato Grosso do Sul (Associação de Apoio às Crianças com Câncer de Mato Grosso do Sul – AACC- MS). The institution is renowned for its role in the research and support to children and teenagers’ cancer victims. The company also supports many Ayrton Senna Institute (Instituto Ayrton Senna) initiatives and received the Green Farm stamp, the world’s biggest environmental protection and sustainability program, for its zero CO2 emissions.