Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure And Support

The services provided by Morhena are cost effective and allow each client to focus on their core business.

  • 24 hours supervision
  • Replacement of the professional in case of absence
  • Continuous improvement system with the participation of the client through monthly surveys
  • Regular service supervision, integrated with the customer support

Customer Support

Independent and confidential channel designed to develop an excellent relationship with all our stakeholders. The call centre allows the client to notify any especial need. The operators are ready to help and find the best solution efficiently and proactively.

Every call is documented, recorded and timed.

Organizational Ombudsman

A direct line to the company’s high administration open to receive criticism, suggestions, reports, and complaints designed to swiftly solve any critical problems.

Supplies and Logistics

Morhena operates its own vehicle fleet for supplies distribution and purchase. Any supply need can be swiftly solved in up to 24 hours.

Training and Development Centre

Part of the Human Resources team focused on the development of our employees engaging them in the continuous improvement of their professional skills.

  • Onboarding Training
  • Technical and Operational Training Courses
  • Leadership development
  • Work Safety and Health Management
  • Conscious Consuming

IT – Morhena’s Management System

Morhena’s management system platform was developed with the latest technology available and is complete, flexible, dynamic, portable and extensible.

The software integrates operational planning to project budgets and contracts management as well as all our local offices and branches in Brazil.