Outsourcing Services

MORENA RH – Outsourcing Services

Morhena RH provides skilled workforce to different markets. Morena RH is a leading provider for the retail, industrial, public and private sectors. Our client portfolio includes, supermarkets chains, department stores, bank branches, hospitals, shopping malls, industries and bioenergy plants.

The excellency in services rendered and its management system granted Morhena the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This quality management system was granted following the ABNT NBR ISO 9001 technical standard by the BRTÜV Avaliações de Qualidade S.A consultancy firm. The scope of the certification is: client contract management in outsourcing services provided to companies and municipalities for green areas maintenance, access control, administrative services, pest control, cleaning and disinfection for hospitals and health care facilities.

In addition, due to the continuous quality improvement of its services, Morhena has been granted for several times the Mérito Lojista award for best services provider.

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